Death throes of the Republican Party

The election is over.  I was watching CNN when they were able to call California, Oregon, and Washington for Senator (and now President-Elect) Obama.  

This may or may not have been a mandate for change – though I suspect it was.  In the past couple of minutes, Senator McCain came out to give his concession…

…and the crowd booed.

I am ashamed to be a Republican.  As I type, I hear more booing.  That is horrible.  It is worse than the poorest joke, it is disgusting.  

It needs to die.  The Republican party has fallen fast and hard.  It is out of touch, and the representatives of the party present at this concession speech show just how pathetic we have become.

Unless something changes – and that quickly – the GOP could, should, and needs to die.  Sweep it under the rug, split the Democrats or promote the Greens or the Libertarians.   

Senator McCain – you ended your campaign with class.  Too bad your party couldn’t do the same.


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